Head of Partnerships

We are looking for a highly talented and motivated individual to lead our partnership development efforts. This role is an opportunity to join a fast-growing consumer marketplace app that eliminates the use of coupons. The platform connects businesses to consumers directly without any middlemen.

Soon after the platform was launched, it attracted the attention of a leading competitor in the midwest which led to an acquisition offer.

As an early person to join the company, this is more of a co-founder type opportunity.

About You

We are looking for top talent to play a pivotal role in onboarding restaurants/bars on the platform.

Ideal Candidate

  • Experience with the corporate partnership for food tech or coupon marketplaces
  • Experience in starting or working at a startup
  • Based in San Francisco Bay Area


  • Onboard restaurants
  • Own the end-to-end partnership process for restaurants
  • Work autonomously towards your territory plan and goal

About Kooberi

Passionately driven by the idea of helping small businesses to increase their sales while cutting costs, Kooberi enables businesses to offer a timed discounted deal to people nearby. “People save money. Businesses make money.” Learn more at www.kooberi.com

Please send your resume to hi@kooberi.com

Future of Commerce After Coronavirus Global Pandemic

Post Coronavirus global commerce will increasingly become distributed and local, enabling the era of “Distributed Hyperlocal Commerce.”

Local economy is temporarily dead. Many small businesses would not be able to reopen even after getting financial assistance from the government. This includes restaurants, cafes, brick and motor stores. Due to the absence of local markets, online e-commerce giants like Amazon have become even more powerful. Stay at home orders has made the powerful even more powerful and rich even richer. This has already started happening as Uber offers to buy competitor Grubhub.

While a limited few are becoming richer and powerful due to the global shut down, millions have lost their ability to put food on the table. The unemployment rate is a staggering 14.7%. According to Business Insider, the number one industry that has suffered from this pandemic is sightseeing with over 60% job loss from February to April, while restaurants and bars have experienced 48% job loss rates during the same period. As we patiently wait for United States to return to normal, these numbers will only get worse. With such an unprecedented number of jobs lost in such a short period of time, even when we go back to normal, your neighborhood might not look the same. 

Business Empowerment Through Platform

You may have noticed Amazon and Ebay trying to push the message that they work with local businesses to sell their products on their platforms. The truth is that many platforms have forced sellers to sell at the thinnest of margins. These low margins are often unsustainable for U.S. based sellers. As a result, you can expect to see numerous counterfeit products in the marketplace. Moreover, foreign sellers can sell counterfeit products or even generic products at a price U.S. sellers cannot match. This has effectively created a foreign sellers and US buyers marketplace powered by U.S. tech companies.

Many Have Abused So Much

Groupon forced businesses what deals to offer, how much to discount their products or services and when to offer them. Grubhub and DoorDash forced steep cost increases of up to twenty five percent on restaurants. Often times, those costs get passed on to consumers. Many consumers are not even aware they are paying more prices for an entrée that’s being delivered in addition to delivery fees. Uber takes such high cuts from their drivers that they barely make minimum wage. In addition to charging various fees, Amazon also steals the best selling product information from the sellers and launches its own private label effectively stealing business from its own seller.

Sellers are at the mercy of these platforms as they lack mainly two things: the reach and supply chain infrastructure necessary to compete. Instead of abusing sellers, future marketplaces need to serve and enable sellers to thrive.

Businesses Will Adopt Scalable Changes

Businesses need to have an option to seek alternate platforms to sell their products. These platforms would enable businesses to freely sell their products at whatever price point or time they desire. In this system, platforms would no longer coerce their marketplace sellers. With this new found freedom, businesses would increase their ability to attract customers. Simultaneously, with so many people unemployed and holding on to their money, more and more people will be looking for ways to make their money go farther. There would also be a strong sense of responsibility to help local businesses whenever possible. Any platform that enables local businesses to thrive and help local community, while at the same time saving consumers money, would be the winner.

The Turning Point

Pre Coronavirus, we shopped around our neighborhoods. We also ordered products online which were delivered right to our door. In some cases we could even order online and pick up in stores.

“We will have many more Amazons around us in the future: these Amazons will be distributed, yet have supplies to meet your needs. Fewer goods will be shipped to you from thousands of miles away; more will be available to you locally.”

These local places would have the reach and supply chain infrastructure that would allow them to serve their markets effectively. Walmart is leading this category.

Those who only shop online should remember how their neighborhood looks when local businesses are shut down. It’s time to remember the feeling you get when you want something like a red dress or a suit and all you need to do is walk in a store and walk out with the things you want instantly. You don’t have to wait for your shipment to arrive. Instead of shopping online and waiting for your order to arrive, you could drive or just walk to the nearest store.

Imagine what you would be doing if markets weren’t shut down. You might be meeting friends at a bar for drinks or dinner. People would be going out to work and most likely eat lunch at a restaurant. Coffee shops like Starbucks and Peet’s would be occupied with students and professionals sipping latte and studying or conducting business meetings.

Walking around the streets, you miss the smell of fresh pizza, chatter at a bar, musical performance by the guy at that busy landmark, or the ability to shop for a jacket. While technology has enabled us to order coffee beans online, the instant gratification of actually getting the fresh coffee with a friend at Starbucks can only be achieved in a thriving local economy with infrastructure to meet the needs of the local community.

Coronavirus and Restaurants

April 10, 2020, about a month ago Californians were asked to “Stay home” to slow the virus. Just like that Californians went from a normal life to been confined at their homes. Been confined mean people won’t be able to leave their homes and spend money. This hurts small local businesses. Local restaurants and cafe rely of foot traffic and when the government restricts people to leave their homes. So although food service is considered “essential” during lockdown period, most of the local restaurants are closed because they know without foot traffic they won’t be able to make sales. This creates a chain reaction. No foot traffic means any sales, no sales mean the owners can’t keep the staff, and finally that leads to layoff.

The good news is current administration is considering SAFELY reopening the economy. No one knows the exact rules and guidelines yet. If I were to guess, I would think we would still be asked to keep social distance when eating out, going to work, and buying groceries. Standing in line to grab a bite might be discouraging to some people. Additionally, people still might be scared of stepping out and being around strangers for few weeks. For these two reasons, local restaurants will continue to suffer even after we open the economy.

At Kooberi our mission is to help local restaurants thrive during slow hours. It is a mobile platform that enables distributed local commerce. On Kooberi, local restaurants can send deal notification to people nearby in real-time creating a win-win situation. Here is a scenario, if you are a restaurant owner that experiences a downtime between the hour of 2 to 5, you can go to Kooberi Business app and send a deal, “Buy one pizza get one free”. Anyone who happens to be near your restaurant get notified of your deal instantly in real-time. Consumers on Kooberi do not need to look for coupon. We bring the deals to them. Restaurants would be able to fill their empty table and consumers would not have to waste time looking for coupons. A “win-win” situation.   

We have too many coupon companies in the market. Do we need yet another company in already crowded space? The fact is the traditional ways of attracting traffic such as coupons have hurt their margins and failed to generate more sales. This is because coupon companies have historically acted like marketing consultants, charged businesses a sizeable fee, dictated their marketing & pricing, and forced them to offer unsustainable steep terms thereby decreasing the margins to nearly zero and in some cases negative. As businesses shut down, the coupon companies’ struggle starts. The effect of this can be seen in over 85% loss of Groupon’s market cap since their IPO. Most other coupon companies are struggling as well. Most of the people use Groupon during lunch or dinner times. Restaurants are already busy during those times and do not need people to show up with a coupon. Another problem with this model is people get use to NOT paying full price for a meal. The restaurant owner hopes to instate consumers by giving a discount and hope that they would return. However, this is not what actually happens. In conclusion coupon is not a reliable way to drive sales.

When we go back to normal times, be sure to support your local restaurants. To get deals alerts from your local restaurants download Kooberi app for iOS or Android.

San Francisco Open Restaurants During Corona Virus

Hope you and your family is doing well amid this terrible times. The good news is, it seems that the numbers have started to level off. Meanwhile, here is a list of open resturants that offers take out and delivery option in case you want to safely grab a bite to eat. We must do all we can to support local business. 

List of San Francisco Restaurants.

  • 1601 Bar & Kitchen: The SoMa Sri Lankan restaurant offers curbside pickup from a limited menu.
  • 4505: The NoPa burger spot offers online ordering for takeout and delivery.
  • 54 Mint: The Roman cucina offers delivery and take out daily from 4-9 p.m.
  • A 16: The Cow Hollow Italian spot is offering a limited menu for curbside pickup, call 415-771-2216 to order.
  • Ace Wasabi Sushi: The nearly 25-year-old Marina restaurant is offering takeout dinners that can be ordered online.
  • Alice’s Restaurant: The Noe Valley Chinese spot is offering its full menu for takeout.
  • Amber India: The high-end Indian restaurant is open for takeout and delivery.
  • Andytown Coffee Roasters: Its Lawston Street shop and Taraval Street roastery are open for takeout only.
  • Alexander’s Steakhouse: The meat-centric chain’s SF location has delivery and pick up, as well as 20 percent off wine.
  • Arinell Pizza: This is reportedly the first time ever that the longstanding pizza spot has allowed delivery, takeout and curbside pickup are also options. Call 415-255-1303 to order.
  • Arizmendi Bakery: The 1268 Valencia Street location of the bakery co-op is open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for takeout, and is offering a limited selection of half baked pizzas, sourdough and multigrain breads, pastries, salads, granola, juice, and coffee.
  • Avery: The Fillmore fine dining restaurant is offering a $45-per-person meal kit, order here.
  • Azalina’s: The Twitter building’s Malaysian destination offers takeout and delivery from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday-Friday.
  • Balompie Cafe: The Mission pupusa spots are open for takeout from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Barebottle Brewing Company: The Bernal Heights brewery’s got to-go beer and food from noon-7 p.m. daily.
  • Bella Trattoria: The Richmond District red sauce classic has pickup from noon to 8 p.m. and “limited” delivery, the menu is here.
  • Beijing Restaurant: The Chinese restaurant at 1801 Alemany Boulevard is offering takeout and delivery via its online ordering system.
  • Belcampo Meat Co.: The restaurant and meat company is offering free delivery in the Bay Area through its mobile app.
  • Berliner Berliner: The Lower Haight sausage shop offers pickup within 10 minutes of ordering, a neighbor says. and they plan on continuing their Tuesday burger treat.
  • Bernal Star: The neighborhood spot offers free delivery and takeout, call 415-695-8777.
  • Besharam: Eater’s 2019 Restaurant of the Year is offering curbside pickup for lunch and dinner, plus free juice with every order.
  • Birdsong: The Michelin-starred Mission spot offers boxed meals for takeout.
  • Bistro SF Grill: The Noe Valley spot is offering pre packaged box lunches daily.
  • The Blue Plate: The Mission District neighborhood spot has takeout and delivery, call 415-282-6777.
  • Bob’s Donut and Pastry Shop: Both locations are open regular hours for takeout, but they’re not taking cash for now.
  • Bonita Taqueria Y Rotisserie: The Castro and Marina locations of this taqueria offer takeout and delivery, call your preferred location to order.
  • Bon Nene: The Mission Japanese small plate restaurant is offering takeout, call 415-872-9332 to order.
  • B. On The Go: The Pac Heights cafe is offering sister spot B. Patisserie’s pastries to go.
  • Boudin Bakery: The SF-based bakery’s wares are available for delivery via the usual apps, and its 160 Jefferson Street location has takeout, too.
  • Bravo Pizzeria: The Excswlsior pie shop has takeout and delivery.
  • Brenda’s Meat & Three: The Divisadero and Oakland locations of this Southern spot have takeout and delivery from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily, with a 10 percent discount to all hospital workers.
  • Buena Vista Cafe: The San Francisco classic is serving a limited menu for takeout, neighbors say.
  • Bussaba: The Inner Sunset Thai restaurant has lunch and dinner takeout and delivery, call 415-379-4505 to order.
  • The Brazen Head: The Cow Hollow pub has curbside pickup and delivery from 5-11 p.m. daily, call 415-921-7600 or walk in to order.
  • The Butcher Shop: The high-end burger shop is offering takeout Tuesdays-Sundays from 11 a.m. until they sell out, with orders taken in person.
  • Cadillac Bar & Grill: The 9th Street Mexican restaurant has daily takeout and delivery from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Café Zoetrope: Francis Ford Coppola’s North Beach cafe has takeout, delivery, and wine to go.
  • Cafe XO: The Church Street coffee shop is open for takeout.
  • Caffe Greco: The North Beach espresso spot is open from 7:00 a.m. to 6 p.m. for takeout orders.
  • Canela: The Market Street tapas restaurant is offering its paella to go.
  • Casey’s Pizza: The Mission Bay craft pie spot is open for takeout.
  • Cassava: The Outer Richmond destination has pivoted to a takeout model, including a family meal for four offering.
  • Cellarmaker House of Pizza: The Mission District square pie spot is serving its pizza and salad to takeout customers, as well as growlers and cans of beer. Call 415-296-6351 Wednesdays-Saturdays to order between 5 and 8 p.m. Last pickup is 8:30 p.m.
  • Che Fico Alimentari: The casual offshoot of Che Fico is offering its full menu (including wine) for takeout and pick-up from 5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. nightly, call 415-416-6980.
  • Chile Lindo: The Mission District empanada shop offers carry out and delivery with limited hours, call 415-368-3328 to order.
  • China Live: The Chinatown mega-restaurant is offering delivery and pick-up from 5-8:30 p.m. every night via this platform.
  • Colibri Mexican Bistro: The Central Mexican spot offers takeout and delivery from 11:30 a.m. – 8 p.m. daily.
  • Co Nam: The Polk Street Vietnamese spot restaurant’s staff is delivering its menu including cocktails. Order here.
  • Craw Station: The 9th Avenue seafood restaurant has delivery and takeout from 5-10 p.m. every day but Monday.
  • CreoLa: The new Stanyan Street creole spot has takeout Tuesdays-Sundays from 4-8 p.m., order online here.
  • Cultivar: The Chestnut Street wine bar has food and wine for curbside pickup, call 415-962-4200.
  • Curry Up Now: The Indian mini-chain is offering delivery or pickup of family meals via its app.
  • Daily Driver: The Dogpatch bagelry has launched an online ordering system for takeout. delivery, and shipping.
  • The Dark Horse Inn: The Excelsior neighborhood spot has delivery through the usual apps.
  • De Afghanan Kabob House: The Afghan restaurant is open for delivery.
  • Deli Board: The SoMa sandwich shop is open for bike delivery and takeout.
  • Del Popolo: The Bush Street pizza shrine has online ordering for takeout and delivery, and walk-ins are OK, too.
  • Denny’s: The diner mega-chain is offering free delivery to Bay Area residents through April 12.
  • Devil’s Teeth Baking Company: The popular bakery’s Sunset and Richmond locations are open for takeout.
  • D’maize Restaurant: The Mission Salvadoran restaurant is offering curbside pickup.
  • DNA Pizza: The SoMa pizza/coffee/sandwich spot is open for delivery only.
  • Don Ramon’s: The family-owned cocina is offering lunch and dinner takeout and delivery.
  • Dragon Beaux: The Richmond District dim sum destination has pivoted to takeout and delivery, call 415-333-8899 to order.
  • Dragon Well: The Chestnut Street Chinese spot has launched curbside pickup for lunch and dinner, and delivery is an option too, call 415-474-6888.
  • Dumpling Time: The 11 Division Street location of this dumpling mini-chain is open for takeout and delivery, all others are closed.
  • Dynamo Donut: Both locations of this doughnut shop are open for takeout and delivery.
  • Easy Breezy Frozen Yogurt: The frozen yogurt chain isn’t self-serve anymore, but full service takeout and delivery is available its Noe Valley and West Portal locations.
  • Eko Kitchen: SF’s first and only Nigerian restaurant and catering company is offering takeout and delivery from Fridays through Sundays,
  • Emmy’s Spaghetti Shack: The Outer Mission pasta spot’s menu is available for takeout.
  • Estela’s Fresh Sandwiches: The Lower Haight sandwich shop is open daily, call 415-553-6068 for takeout or delivery.
  • Fiorella: The Outer Richmond and Polk street locations of this pizza and pasta spot are both open for delivery and takeout.
  • Florio: The Pac Heights spot has delivery and curbside pickup.
  • Fox and Lion Bread Company: The Bayview cafe is offering takeout, call 415-872-9789.
  • Francisca’s: The Venezuelan tasting menu in the Mission is offering chicken arepas as well as an entire four-course tasting menu ($39) to go — call 415-374-5747 to order direct from the restaurant.
  • Franco’s Latin Table: The West Portal Peruvian spot has takeout and delivery.
  • The Front Porch: The Bernal Southern spot has takeout and delivery.
  • Garaje: The SoMa Mexican spot is offering its zapatos for pickup, order via this Google form.
  • Gio Gelati: The Pac Heights dessert spot is open for takeout.
  • Gentilly: The Excelsior creole spot is offering takeout.
  • Gioia: The Hayes Valley slice shop serves takeout and delivery from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m
  • Goat Hill Pizza: All three of the SF pizza spot’s locations are offering pick-up and delivery. Order in advance, as they can’t take walk-in orders at this time.
  • Gordo Taqueria: The Mexican mini-chain offers delivery and in-store pickup.
  • Great Gold: The Mission Cal-Italian restaurant is offering delivery Wednesdays-Sundays.
  • Hamano Sushi: The Castro sushi spot serves takeout and offers personal delivery, call 415-826-0825 to order.
  • Hard Knox Cafe: The Dogpatch location of the soul food spot has takeout and delivery.
  • Heritage Restaurant: The Richmond District neighborhood spot has a special takeout menu that includes pantry staples.
  • Hillstone: The Embarcadero location of the national chain is offering takeout from 12-7 p.m. daily. Call 415-392-9280 to order.
  • Hi Tops: The Market Street sports Mexican spot is reportedly open for delivery.
  • Honey Honey Cafe: This downtown creperie is open for takeout and delivery.
  • House of Tadu: The Mission Bay Ethiopian spot offers online ordering.
  • Humphry Slocombe: All Bay Area locations of this ice cream shop are open with limited hours for ake-out, pick-up and scoops.
  • Irving Subs: Both locations of the sandwich shop are takeout only.
  • Izzy’s: The Marina steakhouse offers delivery and takeout.
  • Jane The Bakery: Takeout is available at the Geary Boulevard Bakery until 3 p.m. daily.
  • Jersey: The East Coast Italian restaurant is open for delivery and takeout.
  • Ju Ni: The omakase sushi restaurant has chirashi bowls for pickup and delivery.
  • Just For You Cafe: The Dogpatch breakfast destination offers takeout of “everything including their beignets,” a fan says. Call 415-647-3033 to order.
  • Kantine: The Market Street Scandinavian destination has launched a takeout-only website and will allow touchless walk-in orders as well.
  • Konomama: The Richmond District Japanese curry spot has a limited menu for takeout only.
  • L’acajou Bakery and Cafe: Its SoMa and Oakland locations both offer breakfast and lunch takeout, check its website for hours and availability.
  • La Mediterranee: Its Noe Street and Fillmore locations have takeout and catering delivery.
  • L’Ardoise Bistro: The Duboce Triangle French spot is offering takeout, check Facebook for daily specials.
  • La Stazione: The Dogpatch coffee shop has takeout drinks, panini, and cannoli from 8 a.m. to noon.
  • Le Marais Bakery and Cafe: This bakery’s Marina location is open for pickup and delivery, with coupons available for the latter.
  • Lemongrass Thai: The Polk Street Thai spot is offering delivery and takeout.
  • Le Trio: The Sunset Vietnamese cafe has takeout on weekdays from 9-4 and weekends from 8-4.
  • The Little Chihuahua: The sustainability-focused Mexican mini-chain is serving takeout and delivery, check its website to see which locations are in operation.
  • Little Joe’s Pizza: The venerable Excelsior pizza shop offers delivery or pickup.
  • Little Star Pizza: The Divis pizza spot has takeout and delivery during limited hours.
  • Lokma: The Richmond District Turkish spot has takeout and delivery, even for its breakfast. Call 415-702-6219.
  • Lord Stanley: The upscale Polk Street restaurant has a rotating takeout menu, their Instagram will have the scoop.
  • Mac’d: The Polk Street build-your-own mac and cheese shop is open for delivery and takeout.
  • Mastro’s Steakhouse: The Union Square location of the swanky steakhouse chain is, its general manager says, “offering curbside service with 10 percent off first order and 20 percent off thereafter.
  • Maison Danel: The tea salon has a full assortment of viennoiserie and pâtisserie for takeout and delivery.
  • Mamahuhu: Brandon Jew’s Clement Chinese spot has pivoted to curbside delivery and takeout, with several stipulations.
  • Marufuku Ramen: The ramen shop’s locations are open for takeout and delivery.
  • Marcella’s Lasagneria: The Dogpatch pasta spot has takeout and delivery.
  • Marcello’s Pizza: The Castro pizzeria, has pick up service, to go slices, and free delivery. Call 415-863-3900.
  • Mars Bar: The Brannan Street bar and restaurant has launched delivery via all the usual platforms.
  • Maven: The Lower Haight small plates spot is takeout only, call 415-829-7982 to order.
  • Max’s at the Opera: The Van Ness standby is still offering takeout and delivery for its deli-style offerings.
  • Media Noche: The Mission District Cuban spot is offering pickup and delivery, including beer and wine.
  • Milkbean: The Post Street shake shop is takeout and delivery only, and delivery orders come with a free fresh baked chocolate chip cookie.
  • Mina Family Kitchen: Prolific Bay Area-based restaurateur Michael Mina’s restaurants are temporarily closed, but the company is offering delivery and takeout under this new imprint.
  • Mixt: Select locations of the salad chain remain open for pickup and delivery, check its site for details.
  • Mochica: The Potrero Hill Peruvian spot has takeout with curbside pickup.
  • Monk’s Kettle: The 16th Street tavern has pivoted to takeout and delivery, including wine and beer.
  • Montesacro: The SoMa Pinseria offers curbside pickup and delivery.
  • The Morris: The Potrero Flats restaurant is offering its full menu for curbside takeout, including wine. Email orders to info@themorris-sf.com.
  • Moshi Moshi: The Dogpatch sushi shop has takeout during limited hours.
  • Namu Stonepot: Both locations of the CaliKorean destination are serving takeout.
  • Nari: The Japantown Thai destination is offering items from sister restaurant Kin Khao as well as its own menu, orders can be placed on its site.
  • New Eritrea Restaurant: The Inner Sunset African restaurant offers delivery to a limited area.
  • Noe Valley Bakery: Both its locations offer pickup and delivery, online orders can be placed here.
  • Nopalito: The Mexican spot is offering ready-to-heat-and-eat meal kits for pick-up at its location at 306 Broderick Street. Email catering@nopalitosf.com or call 415-300-0029 to order.
  • Norcina: The Waterfront Plaza cafe has breakfast and lunch takeout and delivery.
  • Nourish Cafe: The Richmond District and Hyde Street locations of this vegan spot are both open for takeout and delivery.
  • Okane: This izakaya’s full menu is available for delivery and takeout.
  • Outerlands: The Outer Sunset hotspot has launched online ordering for takeout service.
  • Ozumo SF: The Steuart Street sushi spot has takeout and delivery from a limited menu, call 415-882-1333 to order.
  • Padrecito: The Cole Street seasonal Mexican restaurant is offering takeout and delivery, call 415-742-5505.
  • Pa’ina Restaurant and Lounge: The Kabuki-adjacent Hawaiian restaurant is offering takeout and delivery from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Palette Tea House: The Wharf-area dim sum spot has a limited menu for takeout, and is offering a $10 gift certificate for pickup orders of $50 or more. Call 415-347-8888 to order.
  • Palm House: The Cow Hollow Caribbean restaurant is offering delivery.
  • Panda Express: The Chonese fast food chain is offering a $20 family meal, order online.
  • Paprika: The Mission Hungarian and Czech comfort food restaurant is moving to a takeout and delivery option as of March 17, call 415-375-1477 to order.
  • Pampanguena Cuisine: The Excelsior Filipino restaurant has takeout available, call 415-586-8899 to order.
  • Park Cafe: The neighborhood cafe chain has ipck-up, delivery, and curbside service at all three locations.
  • Paxti’s Pizza: Online ordering is available from this national chain.
  • Pazzia Ristorante Italiano: The SoMa thin-crust pizza spot has takeout, delivery, and curbside pickup.
  • Pebble’s Cafe: The diner at 852 Diamond Street is open for takeout and delivery, call 415-333-2270.
  • Peña Pachamama: The North Beach Bolivian restaurant has delivery available.
  • Perilla: The Haight Street Vietnamese spot has delivery and takeout at 415-872-6718.
  • Phat Philly: The Mission cheesesteak shop offers online ordering.
  • Pier 23 Cafe: The Embarcadero seafood spot is open for takeout, call 415-362-5125.
  • Pizza Squared: The SoMa pizzeria is offering takeout and delivery.
  • Pizzeria Delfina: All four locations of the mini-chain offer daily pickup and delivery.
  • Plow: The Potrero Hill brunch destination has a limited menu for takeout, call 415-821-7569 to order.
  • Proper Food: The downtown grab-and-go chain’s offerings are still available for walk-in or delivery, check the company’s site to see which spots are in operation.
  • Prubechu: The Mission Guamanian restaurant will resume its delivery and takeout service on March 20, but will be closed before then. Call 415-853-0671 to place an order.
  • Reem’s: The Arabic bakery’s Mission location is offering takeout within limited hours.
  • Ristorante Milano: The Pacific Avenue Italian spot is offering a limited menu for takeout and deals on bottles of wine. Call 415-673-2961 to order.
  • Rintaro: The sushi jewel box is offering daily bento pickup from 5:30-9:00 p.m., call 415-517-8539 to order.
  • Roti Bistro: The West Portal Indian spot has delivery and takeout.
  • Roam: The artisan burger chain’s SF and Lafayette locations have takeout and delivery.
  • Roosevelt Tamale Parlor: The 24th Street restaurant is serving lunch and dinner for takeout and delivery.
  • Rosamunde Sausage Grill: The Mission and Oakland locations of this sausage spot are offering delivery and pickup.
  • RT Rotisserie: The NoPa location of the Rich Table spinoff offers delivery and takeout.
  • Rusty’s Southern: The Tenderloin Southern spot is offering pickup meals, check their Instagram for the day’s offerings.
  • Ryoko’s Japanese Restaurant & Bar: The Union Square sushi spot is offering takeout of kitchen items and rolls without raw fish from 5 p.m. -midnight.
  • Saap Ver: The Division Street Thai restaurant has takeout from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. and 5-10 p.m.
  • Sakesan: Both locations of this sushi spot are open for pickup and delivery.
  • Samovar: The tea shop has delivery and takeout at three locations.
  • SAMS American Eatery: As of March 24, the Market Street restaurant will offer takeout and delivery, order online here.
  • San Francisco Brewing Co.: The Polk Street beer garden has a limited menu available for phone-in orders, takeout and delivery are both available.
  • Scoma’s: The seafood institution in Fisherman’s Wharf is offering 20 percent off the to-go menu, from crab Louie to batched classic cocktails.
  • Scopo Divino: The Pacific Heights wine bar’s full menu is available for takeout and delivery, as is its wine list.
  • Scullery: The Tenderloin British-style cafe has takeout and delivery.
  • Seven Hills: The Italian neighborhood favorite is offering takeout, call 415-775-1550 for details on that day’s menu.
  • Sextant Coffee: The Folsom Street Ethiopian coffee shop is open for takeout only.
  • SF Chickenbox: The fried chicken spot inside SoMa bar Trademark offers takeout and delivery.
  • Sip Tea Room: The Inner Sunset tea shop is offering full English Afternoon Tea Service to go, with curbside pickup available. Order online here.
  • Smitten Ice Cream: The fresh-churned chain’s Mission, San Jose and Rockridge locations are serving up scoops for takeout or delivery.
  • Sociale: The Sacramento Street Northern Italian restaurant offers curbside pickup.
  • Soluna: The Civic Center restaurant has a limited menu of California comfort food for takeout or delivery.
  • Split: The Mixt sister spot’s Russian Hill location offers online ordering.
  • SPQR: The venerable Pac Heights Italian spot is offering a limited dinner menu, pickups begin at 5:30 p.m.
  • Square Pie Guys: The Mission pizza spot’s Detroit-style pies are available for delivery and takeout.
  • Squat and Gobble: The Marina and West Portal locations of the creperie are open for takeout and delivery.
  • Sunrise Deli: The Sunset falafel spot offers free delivery and a 10 percent discount for all orders, and takeout’s an option as well. Call 415-664-8210 to order.
  • Sushi Kazu: The Inner Sunset sushi spot is takeout only, call 415-681-5539.
  • Swan Oyster Depot: The idiosyncratic seafood shop has takeout and delivery options, call 415- 673-1101.
  • Sweet Lime: The Pac Heights Thai spot has takeout at 20 percent off menu prices.
  • Ssal: The Russian Hill Korean restaurant is offering a limited menu of carryout items.
  • Suppenküche: The Hayes Valley German restaurant has takeout and delivery, and is even filling growlers of beer to go. Call 415-252-9289 to order.
  • Tiklak: The Bernal Indian spot is reportedly open for takeout.
  • Tacobar: The Fillmore Street Mexican restaurant remains open for catering and delivery.
  • The Thonglor: The Union Square Thai spot offers online ordering for takeout and delivery.
  • Thorough Bread and Pastry: The 248 Church Street bakery is offering takeout with curbside pickup.
  • Tommaso’s Ristorante Italiano: The North Beach institution is open from 11:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. for take out and delivery.
  • Trattoria da Vittorio: The West Portal pasta spot is open for takeout.
  • Troya Mediterranean Kitchen: The Pac Heights spot is open from noon-9 p.m. daily for delivery and takeout.
  • Uma Casa: The Noe Valley Portuguese restaurant is offering takeout.
  • Um.ma: The Inner Sunset modern Korean spot is launching curbside pickup and delivery.
  • Underdogs Too: The Parkside surf-Mexican sports bar is offering takeout and delivery, with a new closing time of 9 p.m.
  • Vega: The Bernal Heights pizza shop has takeout and free delivery, call 415-285-6000.
  • Vinyl Coffee & Wine Bar: The Divis coffee shop
  • Wise Sons: All locations of the popular deli but its 736 Mission Street one offer online ordering, takeout and curbside pick up.
  • Wooly Pig: The Dogpatch sandwich shop is open for takeout.
  • Woods Beer & Wine Co.: The local brewery has daily takeout from 2-7 p.m., order here.
  • Yo Tambien Cantina: The Hugo Street cafe has launched curbside pickup.
  • Zero Zero: The thin-crust pizza destination is offering delivery and takeout for those who call 415-348-8800.

Sluggish Potbelly May Serve Up Self

Potbelly - Kooberi

Restaurant chains from Starbucks Corp. to Shake Shack Inc. have reported slowing or falling traffic in recent quarters, as changing consumer behaviors catch up with them. Consumers are increasingly eating at home or the office to save money and time, particularly at lunch. People are also shopping more online, and making fewer trips to restaurants near malls.

Potbelly said nearly 60% of its business comes at lunch, and that it is looking at ways to attract more customers at other times. Potbelly competes in a crowded market.

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Domino’s Pizza Goes It Alone on Delivery

Domino’s Pizza Goes It Alone on Delivery - Kooberi

Pizza chain resists partnerships while rivals link with Grubhub, DoorDash

The pizza chain that helped popularize delivery is keeping its pies off other services that allow diners to order all manner of cuisines to their doors.

Delivery has become one of the most divisive issues in the restaurant industry, promising to boost sales at the expense of profit margins. Some companies have pushed for better service and more favorable terms than the 25% of a restaurant’s profit that delivery companies typically take for each order they deliver.

Domino’s Pizza Inc. is one of the largest chains to stay off the new third-party delivery apps altogether. The company relies on its own employees to make deliveries from its 6,000 U.S. stores and most of its 11,000 international ones, and it runs its own online-ordering app. Chief Executive Ritch Allison said the profit hit and reputational risk of working with delivery companies isn’t worth the extra sales.

“As profit is extracted from the industry, I think we’re going to see a lot of players really struggle,” Mr. Allison said in an interview.

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Starbucks Trying to Woo Afternoon Customers

Starbucks Trying to Woo Afternoon Customers - Kooberi

Starbucks Corp.has little trouble getting customers in the door for their morning coffee.

The problem is getting them to visit in the afternoon. Starbucks is among major coffee chains in the U.S. that cite the increasing importance of attracting customers in the hours between lunch and dinner. The chains get about 59% of their traffic in the morning, and while they get a smaller amount in the afternoon—23%—it is a sizable and growing business, according to market research firm NPD Group Inc.

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